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Our Loyal Friends

When you’re the family pet, you don’t complain much... even when the aches and pains of old age get bad

As a busy owner, it’s easy to forget that your pet’s birthdays come around seven times faster than we humans. And it’s understandable that visits to the vet can slip by too.

But in ‘pet years’ at 8 years old your pet is a senior citizen. So it's really important that we see them for a Senior Health Check every six months.

As your pet gets old these check-ups are vital to monitor for parasites, respiratory problems, ear infections, tooth tartar and decay, any lumps or bumps that might be cancerous, as well as eyesight and hearing and to look for any other diseases that are more likely to occur in old age.

For your peace of mind - and as an early warning of what may develop in the future - we need to check on these things now.

Here's a summary of what we'll carry out:

Physical Exam

A check of your pet's physical condition, including

  • weight
  • body condition
  • eyes and ears
  • heart and lung function

Arthritis Check

Many new strategies and products are available to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

Dental Check

Poor dental health can contribute to bad breath, loss of appetite, heart and kidney disease, as well as being very uncomfortable.

Help Us To Help You

Check through our Loyal Friends Questionnaire to help us target any areas of concern.

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