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Veterinary Nurses

Cathy Raymond RVN CertSAN

Head Nurse

I have been in practice for just over thirteen years. Over the years I have gained qualifications in cat, dog and rabbit nutrition. I am now nearing the end of the two-year nursing qualification in order to become a Registered Veterinary Nurse. In 2006 I was proud to enter one of my weight patients, Willie the cat, as Hills U.K. Pet Slimmer of the year. We won the award. Willie is one of many patients that attend the weight clinic.

Teresa Ridley RVN

I have worked at the practice for seven years, working my way up to becoming a qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2005. I have two cats and one dog; all are rescues from the surgery. My husband has now banned me from bringing any more waifs and strays home. We now foster long term. I am currently studying behaviour with a view to doing behaviour clinics at the surgery in the future (I will be testing this on my husband!)

Rebecca Wright RVN

Kathryn Richards RVN

Katie Adair SVN

Julie James

Nursing Assistant

I have worked with Kingston Veterinary Group since 1999 as an animal nursing assistant. So I am part of the furniture now. During this time I have attained my Pet Nutritional Counsellor and my NAP qualifications with Hills. My menagerie has increased over the years. I have three dogs, two cats, two goldfish, two children and a husband that lives in the shed! I have also fostered and rehomed a number of animals over the years; it’s brilliant that they still come into the surgery.