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About Us

  • We are a dedicated and caring team who have been handpicked to provide an excellent quality of pet care.
  • We believe that your pet’s healthcare needs are best met in an established and personal relationship with your veterinary team.
  • We place an emphasis on regular preventative health care routines to ensure your pet remains healthy, and enjoys a long and happy life with you.
  • We have spent time together as a team working out our practice vision. We are proud to be united in our vision.

Our Vision

We are a happy, motivated team, proud to promote our professional services and pleased to educate the pet owners in our community. To achieve this we will:

  • Provide the best possible customer experience
  • Provide the best possible pet healthcare
  • Ensure effective continuity of care
  • Utilize our clinical skills to the fullest
  • Give respect to the Kingston Team