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Welcome to Kingston Veterinary Group

We are a dedicated and caring team who have been handpicked to provide an excellent quality of pet care in Pembroke and Milford Haven. We believe that your pet’s healthcare needs are best met in an established and personal relationship with your veterinary team. We place an emphasis on regular preventative health care routines to ensure your pet remains healthy, and enjoys a long and happy life with you.

We understand how important your pets are and how much they mean to you and your family

We would love to meet you and your pets, and would be very happy to arrange to show you where and how your pets are cared for in hospital. Please ask for a guided tour or view our facilities. Call us now or Register Online.

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                               What are parasites?

When it comes to parasites it really is a jungle out there; worse still these parasites can set up camp on, or inside your precious pooch, feline companion or even your home! Learn all you need to know about these itchy, wriggly, squirmy, mini beasts, and make sure you keep your pets and your home parasite free.


             How old is your Loyal Friend?

When you’re the family pet, you don’t complain much … even when the aches, pains (and diseases) of old age get BAD

But in ‘pet years’ at 8 years old your pet is a senior citizen. Which means it is REALLY important we see them for a Senior Health Check.

As they age, these check-ups ARE vital … to monitor for parasites, respiratory problems, ear infections, tooth tartar and decay, any lumps or bumps that might be cancerous, as well as eyesight and hearing and to look for any other diseases that are more likely to occur in old age.

It’s for your peace of mind that we check these things now.  And as an early warning for what may develop later.  

FREE Senior Health Check Pets 8 years + Book Now!

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